The sale of smartphones Sony fell 55% in the second half

by Kelvin
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Sony continues to lose ground in the industry smartphones. The company's latest financial report shows that they only sent 900,000 phones in the April-June period, the lowest in the last 9 years. Last year Sony managed to sell 2 million units in the same period, which was already a low point compared to 2014 sales when the company was around 10 million sales.

As a result of the drop in sales, Sony's finance department predicts that its sales of smartphones It will generate only 380 billion yen (or $ 3.55 million dollars) in profits, which are 7% less than previously expected. In addition, operating profits are expected to also fall.


The sale of smartphones Sony fell 55% in the second half 1

Due to these results, Sony Mobile lowered its expectations, estimating that it will only be able to sell 4 million smartphones throughout 2019, much lower than the previous 5 million.

Despite the negative situation, the company remains optimistic that it can change the situation, and is betting big on the Xperia 1 that was launched at the end of May. The company expects this complete flagship to translate into better sales numbers in the second half of 2019.

What do you think of the smartphones from Sony?

Source: GSMArena

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