The SEV technology of the AMD EPYC was born as an "anti-hacking" method for the PS4 and Xbox One

by Kelvin
AMD EPYC ROME 740x416 0

Sony and Microsoft they have trusted again AMD to launch its next-generation next consoles: the Playstation 5, and for now known as Xbox Project Scarlett.

While collaborating again was a logical move, since AMD is today a leader in CPU manufacturing and its graphics have also taken a huge step forward in terms of performance, we now know that Sony and Microsoft's interest intensified much more, and it wasn't for power, but AMD will carry your enhanced SEV security system (Secure Enncrypted Virtualization) used on servers with AMD EPYC processors to the consoles.


AMD EPYC ROME 740x416 0

Unlike what you might think, Forrest Norrod, AMD senior vice president for data centers and integrated solutions, revealed why the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One are so safe, and that AMD began to develop the first generation of SEV when I was working in the development of your custom chips for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, and until that moment, the previous generation consoles were easily pirated, to the point of generating a rampant tendency to piracy. Because of this, stop piracy It was a huge added value for the major console manufacturers.

"Previous generations of consoles could be hacked, so you could go anywhere within a radius of 15 kilometers around and buy a hard drive with 4 terabytes of capacity with all the PlayStation 3 games released up to that point. already installed in the unit. "

That is why in these new consoles AMD implemented the cryptographic isolation, which meant that console game developers didn't have to trust that players wouldn't hack their games. Norrod said he learned about this feature shortly after joining AMD in 2014 and put it on the road map. to integrate it into the company's top-of-the-line processors, the AMD EPYC.

Norrod He saw the potential of the function for virtual machines and cloud-hosted containers: in the same way that console game developers don't have to trust console owners, cloud application developers don't have to fear that data center owners steal sensitive information from their applications.

"So we had 16 keys in a cryptographic isolation in a gaming console, and that is one of the main reasons why they have never been hacked, even though they are physically in the hands of many people who would love to hack them," He said.

"And then, with that technology I thought, ok, you can run a container or virtual machine in this box, and you need to trust the person who physically controls the box, that's great. We have to put that on our server roadmap. So that's where it came from. "

via: CRN

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