the show begins with Apple Arcadian

by Kelvin
Apple Arcade en Keynote 2019

At seven o'clock the long-awaited keynote of Apple. Tim Cook has made the preliminary presentation and the first news has been the official launch of the gaming platform Apple Arcadian


We already have a release date. September 19 officially opens the gaming platform Apple Arcadian. They just made a demo of three games, the typical Frogger of a lifetime, but this time the frog has spectacular 3D graphics. They indicate that this platform wants to have games for all ages, children and adults. They have also shown a game with a worm as the protagonist, the typical 2D ship game, and Annapurna, a comic adventure that looks like a comic.

They launch the platform with a catalog of more than one hundred games. They are not just games created by Apple. They show a list with many video game companies that have placed their products on this platform.

You can sign up with a monthly fee of $ 4.99, being the first month free. We keep informing.

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