The Sonos Sion is an electric car with moss on the dashboard. Yes moss

by Kelvin
The Sonos Sion is an electric car with moss on the dashboard. Yes moss

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All types of vehicles have passed through the pages of Omicrono, each one more innovative and curious. But so far we had not talked about a car with a crop inside, so, at least in that sense, the Sono Motors project has managed to get our attention.

The name of Sono Motors will not sound to you, and rightly so. It is a small German startup that is developing cheap electric cars; Of course, it is not the only one that has that goal, but the interesting thing about this company, apart from its obvious love for nature, is that its cars have solar panels.


It has not been until recently that solar cells have become efficient enough to recharge a car's battery. Big companies like Hyundai or Toyota are already experimenting with it.

The electric car with moss on the dashboard

The Sion is the first model of Sono Motors, and the truth is that the design of the vehicle is not the most exciting, but that is the idea: this is a car to move people (five, in total) from one place to another, in a cheap and ecological way. It is more similar to a minivan, because of the height and interior space.

And now that we talk about the interior, we have to explain what you have read in the headline. Yes, this car has moss inside, but for good reason, or at least, that's what they say from Sono Motors.

It's called "breSono," and it's a moss-based air filtration system. In reality, this plantation is no longer alive, and has only been integrated into the dashboard to filter the air that comes out of the ventilation conductors. According to Sono, this layer of moss is capable of filtering particles and regulating internal humidity, and all naturally.

At the very least, it is an original addition, something that will cause many questions when someone gets into our car. In theory it is able to filter the air for several years, and it can be easily changed.

The rest of the dashboard doesn't get as much attention compared to that, of course. The ten-inch screen is already normal in the sector, and otherwise minimalism and plastics dominate the interior. It is what one would expect from a low-end car, and that is that initially the price of the Sion was going to be € 16,000; However, recent increases in the cost of batteries will result in a price closer to € 25,500.

The Sonos Sion is an electric car with moss on the dashboard. Yes moss 2

At least the company expects the solar panels integrated in the roof of the vehicle will allow us to save on electricity; They claim that they can add up to 30 kilometers of autonomy in a single day. In total, with a single load we could drive about 250 kilometers.

The production of Sono Sion has been delayed until the second half of 2020, demonstrating the amount of challenges that remain in the production of electric cars.

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