The Sony Walkman is reinvented 40 years later with a special edition

by Kelvin
The Sony Walkman is reinvented 40 years later with a special edition

The annual IFA fair held in Berlin already hosts thousands of firms that, during the next few days, will bring out your best bets to dispute the success that will accompany (or not) the launch of such devices. So far, we have already seen from the very Kirin 990 processor to new colors for the Huawei P30 Pro, going through gadgets more subtle like Fresh’n Rebel headphones. Today was the turn of Sony, which has begun the day with a lovely news: the return of the Walkman.

The Japanese company Sony launched the July 1, 1979 a unique device, the beginning of the normalization of an activity as simple and everyday as the listen to music on a portable device. The Walkman was born, and his success was not expected. The mythical model TPS – L2 It was sold by thousands in a few weeks, honoring the title of the best selling music player of the moment. Today, Sony celebrates 40 years since the first launch and presents a special version Worth paying tribute to.


Walkman 2019, on sale in November

Sony has managed to reinvent the Walkman to give it the prestige it deserves. Of course, 40 years later. The new player offers us a appearance ‘vintage which imitates in detail the aesthetics of the old player, which only worked with the classic tapes of cassette.

However, far from working with the mechanical system, the new Walkman incorporates connection Wifi, Bluetooth Y NFC. The device is also 100% compatible with both systems Android as iOS, being able to bond with various music services in streaming.

Promotional video of the new Walkman | Sony Europe

The terminal has digital amplifier, this time the S-Master HX, which significantly improves the quality of audio files by decompressing them with a very low loss margin, so it seems that we can enjoy any track with qualitylogically, within reasonable conditions regarding the quality of the track itself.

Sony has already confirmed that the new Walkman will be available in international version from next month of November, going to market at a price of 440 euros.

There have been many media that, despite praising Sony's initiative in rescuing this mythical terminal, criticize the sale price of this special version, cataloging it as exorbitant and inappropriate for the device gauge. However, others claim that the Walkman should look like a device ‘almost collectible‘, Not as a feasible terminal for mass sale, so the price should not be a mistake.

And you, What do you think of the new Walkman 2019? Do you find its price exorbitant?

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