The SSD is a breakthrough, but more memory is needed in the next generation of consoles

by Kelvin

To date, all the information about the next hardwares has been constrained by the lack of specific details. It is true that both Xbox Scarlett and Playstation 5 will not arrive until end of 2020, which suggests that until spring of that year there will be no presentation as users wish. The leaks and interviews give clues about what this generation will hold, where they have focused on exposing the advantages of this new technology applied to storage that would revolutionize the scene. But the first notices are coming from some studies, where they indicate that These advantages of SSD are a great advance, but more memory is needed for graphics in the next generation of consoles.

It seems that not all developers have the same degree of emotion so it would be considered as hardware for the next generation. From the study responsible for the development of the independent game Sparkle, Red Blue Games, Lucas Rowe has recorded that, although the SSD It is a breakthrough, more memory is needed in the next generation of consoles for new generation graphics. And it is that currently it is a great mystery that looms over technical capabilities beyond the reduction of loading times in all areas.


Xbox Scarlett would offer a "great evolution in the CPU," according to Greenberg

Rowe explains that «The tools that offer fast access to the hard disk are very good for development, but at that time we believe that we do not depend so much on the speed of the disk, since we can store many things in memory». And in part, the speed that memory offers, more considering the advances of the RDNA of AMD, can suppose a speed greater than what hard drives would offer. In the case of consoles, since it is not dedicated memory that is used, but a global set of memory for all processes, one could be sinning of not having access to a capacity that can actually house everything that is intended in the Next Generation.

And that has not wanted to get into issues that we do not know today, the real processing capacity of these hardwares. For now, caution should be the most appropriate, knowing that this feature of the hard drive will be one of the great novelties, but far from being a real revolution. Rowe comments that «I guess this better hard drive performance will be appreciated by end users», but today it is something that is already available on PC and it seems that no one has echoed what it really means.

And similarly, another of the great qualities of that future generation is the one that confirms the backward compatibilityboth in Xbox Scarlett as in Playstation 5. It is something Rowe has also wanted to attend, making it known that it is a great idea for developers not to worry so much about working now on a version for current consoles, knowing that the user can continue playing if he changes hardware. Similarly, you are curious to see how the industry evolves around Cloud Gaming.

The SSD is a breakthrough, but more memory is needed, says a developer about the next consoles

Graphic demonstration of the advantage of an SSD as a hard disk to play

With all this, it is evident that with the lack of information that exists today, bells cannot be launched on the flight for any detail that arises from the next consoles, where in what really matters, not much is known. The novelties that have been confirmed, such as the high-speed hard disk, are good contributions, but they are far from being the axis that would promote a new generation of consoles. We will have to wait to see if really what Rowe says serves as a warning, although it is early to draw definitive conclusions with the prototypes that have been leaked, the SoC Gonzalo of Playstation 5 and the Soc Flute of Xbox Scarlett ,.

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