The story of Skyrim's modder who immortalized his late dog in the Bethesda game

by Kelvin
The story of Skyrim's modder who immortalized his late dog in the Bethesda game

I had not planned to spend the afternoon crying because of a Skyrim mod, but when there are dogs involved in a story it is quite difficult to hold back tears. Especially with a story as touching as this.

"Murphy" is a mod for Skyrim that introduces a dog as a new companion in the Bethesda game, but this good boy has a particularly special story behind. Its creator, a twenty-year-old kid named Daniel, made this mod as a tribute to his English greyhound, who died last year.


"On April 14, 2018 my dear dog, Murphy, passed away," the description explains. "As soon as I could compose myself that same day, I started working on what I knew I needed to do."

"I needed to immortalize it, the only way I knew how to do it: through Skyrim's modding."

Although the mode exists since May 2018, it was hidden for many months. But Daniel is ready to be public again: it has been updated, its page has been improved and the relaunch is visible in Nexus Mods. The page also hosts a letter addressed to Murphy, which you can read here. Have a pack of tissues ready.


"I chose modding simply because it is what I am best at," Daniel explained to me when I asked him about the mod. "I have years of experience doing mods but I have never released anything in a public way except much smaller and less important mods. Decide to make this public because I thought it would help me cope better with the loss. And it did."

The real Murphy, Daniel told me, was the first dog his family had, and the reason he now loves dogs unconditionally. Being a racing dog in his youth, Murphy was adopted by Daniel's family thanks to an organization that was dedicated to finding home to retired English greyhounds (although, according to Daniel, "I never lost my instinct for racing" and continually tried to chase small furry animals). The family took care of Murphy for almost a decade, and it meant a lot to them.

"He and I were very close and we understood each other in a way that I don't even understand most humans. As you can imagine, his loss was devastating for me on a personal level. I isolated myself from the world for weeks, and worked on this mod was for a while my only consolation. "

The story of Skyrim's modder who immortalized his late dog in the Bethesda game 1

To meet the Murphy digital upload Skyrim and try mod. You can find him walking through Whiterun during the day, and in Bannered Mare at night (in my case I saw him next to the pub and the meat stall, where Murphy is obviously well at ease). Just ask him to be your partner and keep you happy and happy, carrying your objects.

But if you get into a fight, Murphy will move away and not get hurt, since according to Daniel "I didn't want to bring my dog ​​back to life just to be killed by any bandit." This in the end is good, because nothing produces me more stress than protecting a dog in a video game.

Although he is not a fighter, Murphy can help you with passive effects, which vary according to time. The warm sunlight gives you health regeneration, the cloudy skies regenerate the magic and the rain regenerates the stamina.


"One of the most important aspects for me when making this mod was to make it passive and not aggressive in its behavior," Daniel explains regarding his design decisions. "Murphy was very gentle. He rarely bites toys when he was young, and never did when he was older. He never heard when he was excited or when strangers came home. He was just so calm and caring, and tried to reflect this in the game. with the absence of combat and the buffs liabilities granted to the player. "

Daniel has also included a set to summon Murphy anywhere in Skyrim. That includes Sovngarde, the place where this good boy really belongs.

There are still a couple of things that Daniel hopes to add to the mod, such as fixing the active effect for the foggy weather and adding an effect for the snow. Later, Daniel explains to me that he will want to create a small quest as a prerequisite to adopt Murphy, as well as make the mod available on Xbox, something he hopes to achieve soon.

Along with the process of creating the mod, the community's reaction to its work – both when it was first published and now, with its re-release – has helped Daniel cope with his duel.


"Receive lots of beautiful and supportive messages," recalls Daniel. "That, honestly, helped me in my recovery process, listening to all those stories of people who had gone through similar losses. It made me feel less alone and helpless. It was nice, somehow. And the responses after recovering the mod have been equally positive and encouraging. "

"A lot of bad things happen in the world, and people can be very mean to others on the internet. I am just glad I was able to create a small scenario of peace and love."

It's a simple but nice mod, and I can't think of a better way to remember a wonderful pet like Murphy. I leave you with the last words of Daniel dedicated to those who download the mod:

"Take care of my boy. He will take care of you."

Translation by Josep Maria Sempere.

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