The successors of Galaxy A70 to A90 will arrive in 2020 with Android 10 and will be called … Galaxy A71 and A91

by Kelvin

New year, new wave of incoming Samsung devices. In particular it seems that the Korean company is preparing to follow up on the smartphones of the new A series. The first to arrive on the market could be the successors of Galaxy A70 e Galaxy A90 and call – not exactly original – Galaxy A71 and A91. The news is the result of the deduction of the commercial name of two new devices identified starting from the codes SM-A715F and SM-A915F respectively.

Of these the only information we have is that will be launched directly with Android 10 (you can still call it Android Q if you feel a little nostalgic). Since historically the first Samsung device to show off the latest version of the green robot is the new copy of Galaxy S, it is reasonable to think that the new models of the A series will arrive later Galaxy S11, that is to spring 2020.


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The two emerged today would then be clearly added to the various ones Galaxy A40, A60, etc. While the next smartphone of the family will be Galaxy A30s (still equipped with Android Pie), the next ones should all follow the road marked by the phones in question and therefore we would have Galaxy A41, A61, etc. There is always however the possibility that this hypothesis turns out to be incorrect, after all the first speculations about Galaxy A90 identified it as Galaxy A80 …

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