The Surge 2 shows the dismemberments in its new trailer

by Kelvin
La guía del gamer.

The Surge 2 was shown on E3 and surprised its own and strangers to reveal itself as a sequel that may come too soon. The first installment was released in 2017 and obtained mixed reviews, apparently the game was trying to take the feelings of Dark Souls combat and implement them in a futuristic environment, but everything that was not the gameplay was very criticized.

The Surge 2 comes as a sequel that raises the same gameplay as its predecessor but with a better setting and history. The game will arrive this September 24 so we only have to wait a little more than a couple of weeks, meanwhile we can enjoy the trailer focused on the dismemberment of enemies.


The Surge 2 shows the dismemberments in its new trailer 2

Major improvement

In The Surge 2 we are part of a dystopian futuristic city dominated by criminal gangs fighting the dominance of the different districts, a perfect context to give rise to the combat of this series that focuses on melee weapons. In The Surge there were no firearms and it seems that this delivery will not have them either, everything is taken to the field of swords and robotic spears.

And the truth is that, as already said, this is the best part of the game combat. Here we take the loot directly from the enemies literally since each part that we cut from the body can go directly to our exoskeleton so each death of the enemy is one more piece that makes us stronger. The dismemberments were an important part of the first The Surge so here they come back with more polished animations.

Deck 13 has a good handful of games developed but the most popular are Lord of the Fallen and The Surge, both are openly inspired by the Souls saga from From Software, so if you are looking for a similar experience you can start with these games and Keep an eye on The Surge 2 on September 24.

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