The Tesla police car almost runs out of battery in a chase

by Kelvin
The Tesla police car almost runs out of battery in a chase

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We already said it in its day: the main obstacle for electric cars to become popular is not in the technology itself, but in the users.

It's not just that many of the topics and myths about electric cars don't have much to do with reality; is that even drivers who have already done the migration do not have many clear things.


The Fremont police force in California has given us a good example of the latter. Fremont became famous for having the first police car based on a Tesla; specifically, it is a Model S with protections on the front and other modifications to fit the daily work of the local police. And of course, it is painted black and white.

The Tesla police car, in action

One of the objectives of the adoption of this model was to check the current state of electric cars, and what challenges can an organization like this be in case of large-scale migration. And in that sense, we can say that he is fulfilling his goal, perhaps too well; as when he almost threw some agents in the middle of a chase.

The facts, as published The Mercury News, occurred last Friday night, when the Tesla, assigned to patrol work, began a chase of a vehicle involved in a possible crime after finding it at a stop.

The suspect left Fremont on the highway, hoping to leave the police behind; during the chase you exceeded speeds of 190 km / h, but still the suspect could not get far enough thanks to the great performance of the Tesla. And then it happened: Tesla warned the agent that the battery was running out.

The agent contacted the central, stating that he had less than 10 kilometers of autonomy; the possibility of losing the suspect was real, so he asked other agents for assistance in intercepting him.

However, that was not necessary: ​​the amount of traffic increased and the suspect escaped by circulating the shoulder; the persecution was canceled for security reasons. The agent contacted again warning that he was going to look for a charger to return to Fremont; something he got.

The chase lasted only eight minutes, but it is not that the Tesla did not give more than if after such a short time at full capacity. Subsequent investigation revealed that the car had not been loaded between the shift change

The agent had started the shift at two in the afternoon, and the persecution began at 11 at night; but for some reason, when the agent took the car the battery level was already lower than normal because he had not recharged in the previous turn.

The police department has not explained why the battery was not recharged, but it is very likely to be a simple human error; The representatives have defended the agent and the manner in which he reported the autonomy of his vehicle.

This will be an important lesson for any organization that wants to switch to electric cars. Regarding the suspect, hours later his crashed car was found, not far from where the chase was canceled, but the driver is still on the run.

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