The Trade-In Program of Apple Will arrive soon in Europe

by Kelvin
The Trade-In Program of Apple Will arrive soon in Europe 1

It seems that there is less left to reach the Apple Europe's acclaimed Trade-In program from Apple, which was first introduced in the United States on August 30 of this year.

IPhone and iPad Recycling Program Arrives in Europe


Apple The Trade-In Program will begin in the United Kingdom and then be extended to the rest of Europe

For those who do not know this program, this will allow users who have an “old” iPhone, to be able to acquire a new one or any other device, receiving a monetary compensation that will be linked to the conditions in which the device in question is.

This operation was already available online, although in this case the novelty is in being able to approach any store Apple Store and enjoy a rating of our device. This service will start operating in the United Kingdom and will begin to expand to the rest of Europe in the following weeks.

IPhone iPad Change Program in Apple Store

Payment will be received in the form of a Gift Card or iTunes Gift Card

The company responsible for managing these changes will be Brighstar and apparently the training program for employees of Apple It will start very soon, and then spread to the rest of the countries where it will work.

So far, as far as is known, in the United States, device valuations allow us to reach a maximum price of $ 280 that we will receive in the form of a Gift Card or iTunes Gift Card, always depending, of course, on the device model and the conditions in which it is found.

Apple  Retail Store

There are other ways to sell our old iPhone

Of course, this option seems not to be the most advantageous if we consider that we can sell our old or used iPhone for a higher price than Apple We would buy it, although if you do not want to waste time looking for a buyer for your used iPhone, surely this option is the most comfortable and immediate.

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