The two great forgotten in the presentation of the Galaxy Note 10: Bixby and Android

by Kelvin

Samsung introduced the new ones yesterday Galaxy Note 10 and 10+, two large terminals that culminate a trajectory that has not always been easy. In this edition, the manufacturer leaves behind two great features that had not failed in recent generations: the headphone jack and Bixby, its voice assistant.

After trying to force it for several generations with a dedicated button that many did not like, Bixby disappears from the scene completely. As they count in The verge, Samsung did not mention it in the event even once.


Bixby's goodbye?

Nor during his two recent presentations, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and the Galaxy Tab S6 seems that there has been no mention of the voice assistant.

Last year, Samsung presented Bixby 2.0 with the Galaxy Note 9. The strong contrast from one presentation to another forces us to think that this voice assistant has moved on to a position, at least, very secondary.

Something not publicly announced during yesterday's presentation is that Samsung does allow Bixby to be activated through the lock button. This is configurable, but as they count in The verge, to enable the use of the power button as such, completely disable Bixby.

From the hand of Microsoft

Samsung Microsoft

It is not something new, but curiously in yesterday's Unpacked there was no mention of Android. Yes, there was, however, a important role to Microsoft integrated services. So much that they had their space on the stage, and its own CEO, Satya Nadella, took the stage.

And is that Samsung's relationship with Google does not appear to be bidirectional, public or more than strictly necessary for both. While Samsung uses the latest versions of the operating system, it is limited to exclusively that for a few years.

Meanwhile, Samsung integrates several of the main Office applications de –and compatibility to export your notes with the S-Pen to various formats compatible with– Microsoft, as well as compatibility services between PC and mobile, storage in OneDrive directly from the gallery and a renewed experience with Outlook.