The unknown drawback of fast charging on mobile

by Kelvin
The unknown drawback of fast charging on mobile

Mobile manufacturers have invested a lot of effort in improving the charging systems of their terminals. They are one of the most widely used claims when presenting a new phone: that a mobile phone is very fast charging a large battery is something that is positively valued in any analysis.

Having several days of autonomy to be able to forget about the charger that time is a highly demanded quality, but to charge batteries up to 5,000 mAh You need to have a fast charging system or you will get gray before you see your phone at 100% power again. The problem is that these quick systems that brands are using on many models can help degrade the battery prematurely.


Brands like Oppo or Xiaomi compete to achieve the fastest system, with figures that are already around 40, 50 or even 60 W, but Oppo itself would have recognized that this method reduces the useful life of the batteries. According to a tweet by Andrei F., collaborator of the AnandTech technology specialized media, Oppo would have recognized that 40W wireless fast charge degrades battery capacity to 70% in the same number of cycles you need a system 15W fast charge to degrade that battery to 90%.

My mobile does not charge: is it the fault of the battery or the charger?

That is if what we are looking for is a mobile that can last us at least four years Without the battery trouble, your best bet would be to avoid constantly using the phone’s fast charge. It is becoming difficult to find a terminal that does not offer this option, the Oppo catalog itself is one of those that has strongly embraced fast charging, but that does not mean that you have to use it daily.

On the other hand, those consumers who are used to change their phones every year or every two years surely they can enjoy the fast charging technology without affecting the deterioration of the battery, since by the time this component begins to give problems they will have already changed it for a new one.

But not all brands have made the jump to fast loading. AppleFor example, it is one of the brands that is resisting the most: the iPhone 11 Pro Max, for example, has only an 18 W charger. The rest of the manufacturers already regularly exceed 20 W in fast charging. from any terminal that goes on the market.

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