The US veto on Huawei is official. Problems with updating mobile phones

by Kelvin
Вето США в отношении Huawei является официальным. Проблемы с обновлением мобильных телефонов

Senior Huawei phones sold before May 16, 2019, when the Huawei ban took effect, have so far been exempted from the Google Mobile Services (GMS) ban. This meant that although the brand’s new phones could no longer work with these GMS old phones could still receive renewal for Android and operating system application. Until now.

The US veto on Huawei is official.  Problems with updating mobile phones

Washington Post, shows that the fact that mobile phones with Google Google services may continue to receive updates is associated with repeated Temporary General License (TGL) provided by the US government to a Chinese firm that allowed Google to keep shipping new software versions to old Huawei phones This license expired last week, which could prevent owners of older Huawei phones from receiving critical security updates in the future.


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Now what?

The purpose of these temporary licenses or renewals was to enable US companies to continue to work with Huawei to provide software updates operators using Huawei equipment. However, this license no longer has extensions and it is unknown if they will. The US Department of Commerce may still renew the interim general license, but neither the agency nor Huawei have commented on this.

It is currently unclear exactly how the expiration of the license will affect future software updates. Surely Huawei devices that already have Google apps that were released before May 2019 will keep them, however Huawei won’t get support from Google if changes they make to their builds break compatibility with Google apps. Hence, Huawei must be careful when releasing software updates if the TGL is not updated, as this could lead to incompatibility issues.

And what about the new ones?

Models launched after the Trump government ban, such as the Huawei Mate 30 or Huawei P40, have a version Android AOSP which does not have Google services. For this reason, the support does not depend on the American company, but directly from Huawei, which can continue to provide updates for this software only in the form of new EMUI versions.

Source> XDA Developers