Xiaomi follows his plan of conquest in Spanish territory at a low rate. Its most recent terminals are the Mi 9T and its most advanced version, the Mi 9T Pro. A new brother arrives for these two devices, a distant relative, but to whom Xiaomi baptizes as Mi 9 Lite. Actually, this smartphone has already been introduced, it is the Xiaomi CC9. The terminal that many thought would be the Mi A3, but that after the disappointment was forgotten until now.


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This strategy is not new, Xiaomi has renamed and renamed the terminals according to the market to which they are intended. There is no major problem except the mess that is formed when looking for information about them. It appears now and not before, because First you have had to pass the necessary certifications to be able to sell in the European framework.

Mi 9 Lite, the terminal that could be the Mi A3

We anticipated the disappointment of the Mi A3, mostly because of its screen, but it is still a terminal with promising capabilities. Now, the Mi 9 Lite arrives to offer a more acceptable option to that price range, but forget about Android Stock, it will take MIUI like any other Xiaomi terminal. Leaving this aside, his presentation would be made on September 16 -In three days- Xiaomi Spain has wanted to echo the new family member, thanks to the tweet they have placed we have been able to know the arrival date for this terminal.

If we review its features, we find a screen Full HD + mounted on an AMOLED panel. Inside a processor signed by Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 710. A quantitative leap in power within the mid-range, processors close to those of the high-end last year. More than enough for everyday tasks, but it may fall short when it comes to demanding it as if it were a high range. For memory and RAM, there would be different configurations, starting from 64GB to 256GB and going through 128GB, the quick access memory would reach 8GB in the most complete model, but would start at 6GB.

The photographic section would not differ much from the current My A3, three sensors at the back and with a versatile configuration (normal, wide angle and telephoto) If you arrive with results similar to those of your counterpart in Android Stock, we can expect that they will please most users. The battery, 4030 mAh, a figure that implies a minimum day and a half with normal use, or even more if we do not waste so many milliamps. The icing on this proposal would be in the fingerprint reader, integrated on the screen. But we should wait to see its operation in normal conditions.

The Mi 9 Lite arrives on September 16, it does after having passed the relevant certifications. It is possible that many users disappointed by the Mi A3 find in this terminal a substitute for their Mi A2, meanwhile we can only wait for the day of its presentation and its subsequent analysis.

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