There are already 4 games available for Apple Watch

by Kelvin

Developers have their games ready to launch alongside the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has finally been shown to the world during the keynote that we could see yesterday afternoon, is this Apple He had the opportunity to clarify certain doubts we have had during the last months about the clock Apple, such as the date and price at which it will be available.

There are already 4 games available for Apple Watch 3

As we know, the Apple Watch It is an accessory whose experience will not only be integrated with that of the iPhone, But it will also be a device that will allow us to entertain ourselves thanks to the various applications that will be available and among which we can also find some games that will be ready to be part of all the apps that will be part of the operating system. Then we leave you with four iPhone applications that will also be available for Apple Watch.


Hatchi for iOS devices and Apple Watch

Hatchi It is a game that has been present for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) for several years in the App Store, the app store of Apple. This game will allow us to have a classic Tamagochi on the device, getting emulate the LCD screens where our virtual domestic pet will appear. Now with Hatchi we can now take care of our pet directly from the new wearable device of Apple, the Apple Watch. This application will be available as an update of the application already available for iPhone and iPad.

Elementary Minute

Elementary Minute It is a test-type game that will allow users the possibility of deciding if a statement is true or false, passing quickly through the different questions that the game is proposing. The operation is quite simple, we will simply have to slide to the side of the correct answer, true up or false down. Of course, this game takes full advantage of the powerful reduced screen of the Apple Watch, which will make Elementary Minute one of the simplest and funniest games that will be available for the clock Apple as of April 24.


The game based on the mechanics of the puzzles BlastBall Max Y Blastball duo, currently available for iPhone, will also reach the small screen of the Apple Watch, a game that refers to its possibility of being multiplayer, based on a one-on-one game. Your arrival for the Apple Watch It is expected to be for the second quarter of this year, so the day of availability of the clock could arrive Apple.

Letterpad for Apple Watch

Finally we have the Letterpad game, a new game that will also be available for the Apple Watch. This game is similar to the well-known Textropolis, created by the same developer, Letterpad aims to create as many words as possible by combining the nine available letters on the screen, its difficulty comes at the moment when we have to create the Words based on the same topic.

Of course it is about interesting games that take full advantage of the possibilities of the small screen dimensions of the Apple Watch.

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