There is a way to view deleted WhatsApp messages

by Kelvin
There is a way to view deleted WhatsApp messages

Have you ever doubted what that message said they deleted in a WhatsApp group? Are you curious about knowing what it was that erased your friend? Well, there is already a way to do it. An application called WAMR and this is how it works.

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This application is based on device notifications. That is, since the messages are encrypted, what WAMR does is read them from the notifications it receives and create a message backup based on the notification history. When WAMR detects that a message has been deleted, it will immediately display a notification.

That is, what WAMR does is basically create a backup of all messages in real time. So the user who uses the application must be fully aware of the implications this has regarding their privacy, since they have to give access to the notification center of their phone.

(Photo: Google Play)

Of course, this app has its limitations when working based on notifications. If a chat is silent or if the user sees the message on WhatsApp and is subsequently deleted or deleted, WAMR cannot save it to the backup. This also means that it is impossible to recover the notifications received before downloading the application.

WAMR is available on Google Play.

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