There is already a date for the new iPhone 2019: Apple confirm the day with a press call

by Kelvin
There is already a date for the new iPhone 2019: Apple confirm the day with a press call

New iPhones 2019 on September 10

One of the most anticipated moments of the year is the keynote of Apple of September. In it, the company led by Tim Cook always presents its new smartphone model, a terminal that, whether you like it or not, will set a trend during the rest of the year (and part of the next) in the mobile phone sector. That is why it is not surprising that we had already been nervous and expectant for several days before the arrival of this moment: press conference announcement of the new iPhone.

This has come, as always, through an invitation that Apple has sent the selected media to attend the presentation. And when will be that? Well next Tuesday, September 10. That day the people of Cupertino will reveal the novelties of their new phones, confirming or denying much of the rumors so far commented and giving us.


Taking into account that the presentation of the telephone will be on the 10th, it is quite probable that the commercialization date will be established on day 20, Friday, which coincides with the careless leak of the president of the Asian operator Softbank, Ken Miyauchi, who unintentionally confirmed the launch of the iPhone 11 for that day at a conference this week by talking about the new telecommunications law that will take effect in China on October 1.

What can we expect from the new iPhone 11?

We have always said that the secrecy of Apple It is such that we can hardly find out something related to their future equipment, but it is also true that over time the leaks have become increasingly powerful (and reliable), being much easier to make a profile of what we can more or less Wait for the next iPhone.

It is unknown how many versions the house could launch this time, although it is pointed out that we could see three models: an iPhone 11 and an iPhone 11 Pro or Max with OLED screen (6.1 "and 6.5 inches, respectively) and an iPhone 11R with LCD screen and two rear photo lenses instead of one. In the case of equipment with OLED panel, they would also be chosen to carry a triple camera system on their back, with a design that does not convince everyone (it is the huge black square in a corner of the back ) but that has enough ballots to prove true – you have a conceptual image under these lines.

iPhone 11 triple camera

Interesting details have also been commented on the battery of the phones. One of them would have to do with its bidirectional capacity, which means that it would be able to offer reversible wireless charging for use with certain accessories of Apple, such as the Watch or the second generation AirPods (remember that the box has wireless charging). We would also see improvements in the resolution of the front camera as well as its processor, which should become the A13 chip of the house.

As always, it's all about unconfirmed details until next September 10. Luckily, we can already point a day on the agenda so that the wait becomes somewhat less long. Patience.

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