There is iOS functionality on the way to MIUI 11! Guess what?

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Xiaomi has been slowly revealing some details regarding the new MIUI 11. Last week, two news releases were released. We talk about earthquake alerts and also the features related to children. Now there is one more called Family Sharing.

There is iOS functionality on the way to MIUI 11! Guess what?

If this name is not foreign to you, it is because Xiaomi Family Sharing is almost exactly the same as Apple for iOS. That is, it serves exactly the same purpose. In practice it is about sharing information between family devices quickly and securely. The fact that it is so similar to the iOS version is really good as the app from Apple It works really well.

There is iOS functionality on the way to MIUI 11! Guess what? 1

Interestingly, the implementation of Xiaomi's functionality is much more focused on safety and parental control. Family sharing in MIUI will allow you to track the location of family members at any time. It also allows you to control the amount of time a person can use the application. This combined with the new child features that will be available in MIUI 11 ensures that parents will have all the necessary tools to watch over their children.

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Perhaps the most interesting thing about family sharing, however, is how it works with any Android device or iPhone. This means that only one person in your family really needs to have a Xiaomi device. Remember that in the case of Apple and specifically iOS requires everyone to have an iPhone or MacOS. The fact that Xiaomi does not impose this on users makes the functionality much more practical.

There is iOS functionality on the way to MIUI 11! Guess what? 2

Meanwhile the new Xiaomi MIUI 11 update will be officially announced at an event in China on September 24. It is also at this time that this company will be introducing the much anticipated Mi MIX Alpha (which may be the most interesting release of the year) and the smartphones Mi 9 Pro 5G. Another point of interest will also be the Mi TV Pro 8K.

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