There will be a new Star Wars movie with director Thor: Ragnarok

by Kelvin

New Star Wars movie on the way

After the closure of the Star Wars Skywalker story, they were responsible Disney They confirm that franchises need a break (active, of course) and this happens by leaving the cinema a little longer and paying more attention to the small screen. To some extent, they have complied with what is being said: The Mandalorian television series is now the focus of their stars and other titles, based on historical character, which also targets the company's content platform – without going further – has been confirmed. went yesterday to announce that Leslye Headland (Russian doll) is developing a New series Star Wars for Disney +.

The problem? "That saying" let's wait "soon. No one doubts that the mouse company will launch new movie to start a new era of films in the universe created by George Lucas, of course; but probably, many think the firm needs some time to do so.


And nothing could be further from the truth, go. A statement posted on Disney's official website confirms that he is once again launching his head for a new movie in franchise. And to do so, he has made a less attractive choice: a well-known choice Taika Waititi as a director and fellow scriptwriter.

Taika Waititi, one of the fashion directors

Behind the bizarre name is hiding a pretty diverse professional. And is Waititi famous for being 100% involved in his films, not only in the directing but in the production, script writing and even appearing in it.

This director's curriculum has everything: from directing Eagle vs Shark and Want to follow script for Moana animated moviethrough directions Thor: Ragnarok – under these guidelines- or participation in Avengers: Endgame (in the role of Krog). Inside Rabbit Jojo He directs, acts, scripts – he takes Oscar, and he also acts (he plays Hitler) and has one of the most anticipated upcoming films. Marvel, Thor: Love and Thunder.

Now she is adding to her career as a huge cinematic challenge that will be viewed with a glass by the most demanding. The last three movies in the saga (Episode VII, VIII and IX) have left opinions of all kinds, so Pressure will be capital. At least something is in their favor: Taika directs The Mandalorian's Season Finale, so there's some (good) experience in Star Wars.

Will it increase? That's something we haven't been able to confirm for a while. The project is clear in the early stages and there is still a long way to go.

And what do you think about Disney betting?

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