Therefore, you can install and uninstall fonts at Windows and mac

by Kelvin

Types of letters and computers

Fonts are different styles or types of letters to choose from when designing or writing text. This is art and knowing how to properly combine it is important, because depending on the type, the same message can have a different effect. For example, who takes the text in Sans Comics seriously.

On computers, the use of different fonts is common, but it wasn't until the first Mac that it began to count. Jobs said it was the first computer with pretty letters on the interface. And you may have heard or read the story of his interest in typography during his university years and how it influenced March.


However, ignoring who promotes the use of different fonts in the operating system, let's discuss how to install, uninstall, and manage both in Windows like on a Mac.

How to install and uninstall fonts at Windows

For install new fonts in Windows all you have to do is:

  1. Click on the start button and then on Run
  2. Type the command% windir% font
  3. In the window that appears go to the File menu and then Install new font
  4. Select the Drive, Folder and font you want to install and receive.

If what you want is the opposite Uninstall fonts do this:

  1. Click on the start button and then on Run
  2. Type the command% windir% font
  3. Select the font you want to delete and go to File> Delete
  4. All you need to do is verify and the source will be removed from the system

These are the original options you can use Windows to manage fonts, but you can also use custom applications. Fontbase is one of the free tools that allows you to enable or disable the types of letters you are interested in, create collections by other types or criteria you specify, and even distinguish them by letter type providers.

How to install and uninstall fonts on macOS

In the case of Mac, this type of font management task is easier. macOS includes default applications called Typographical catalog. Through this application you can go through all the process of installing and uninstalling De Fuentes.

Plus when you download a new font, if you double-click it, the app opens automatically so you can decide to install it or just look at it to see what it looks like. However, if you are interested, you can also use Fontbase as it has a Mac version.

Resources for finding new fonts

Therefore, you can install and uninstall fonts at Windows and mac 1

If you need new fonts for your work, graphic projects and even websites, there are many on the internet where to find new sources. It's best to be the source of payment, but unless you want something very exclusive and specific, some websites have such a large catalog that it's hard to imagine that you won't find a website that convinces you.

Some of the classic letter types are as follows:

There are many more, but with this you have to start with the envelope. And as we talk about fonts, there is an excellent bulletin called Typewolf that daily shares new types, uses, and sometimes interesting links.

And remember, if you have an iPad, you can also install many of these fonts to set up a tablet Apple larger catalog. How to do it on iPadOS we also show here.