These are Surface 2 Headphones and Surface Earbuds

by Kelvin

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Over the past few years, headphone They have gone from being an easy accessory to listening to music to being equipped with advanced technology.

The most popular format is the format in the ear, like AirPods, because of the comfort they offer to consumers compared to the usual, large headphones. However, many still choose the latter because of the high quality noise and noise cancellations.

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Microsoft is aware of both aspects and that's why they just announced two new headphones wireless after also presenting their new Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2. One of their models is headphones and incorporates noise canceling systems, while the latter follows its format. in the ear.

Surface 2 headphones

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that a new version of its wireless headphone headset, Surface Headphone 2. It's been updated to improve voice quality and battery life, which the company says reaches 20 hours of autonomy.

Surface 2 headphones.



They also include one of the most desirable functions of audiophiles: Sound Cancellation. Consumers will be able to customize it to their liking, as they have 13 levels of environmental noise control.

They have also updated the headphone design. Unlike the previous model, the new model can be rotated up to 180 degrees so that it can be placed comfortably around the user's neck. They will be available starting May 12 for a price $ 249, although its price in the Spanish market is still unknown.

Surface earbuds

The tech giant also took the opportunity to remind us that they will soon be launching their first headphones in the ear, Surface Earbuds. With them, users can dictate Office 365 directly with the touch of a button, hear emails and even translate over 60 languages ​​in real time, among their most powerful functions.

Surface Earbuds.



As for autonomy, according to the firm they can take up to 24 hours. As before, the Surface Earbud will be available starting May 12, though the price will be lower than expected. We're talking about $ 199, so they can enter to compete directly with AirPods.

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