These are the 6 ways to spy Instagram Used by Hackers

by Kelvin
Espiar Instagram

To spy Instagram

Instagram It is one of the most used social networks today. More than 1 million users use it daily to find out about various news and fashions today, while reviewing and stalking all their friends through one of the most adapted platforms for user use and enjoyment. There are also people interested in other more interesting reasons, below about 6 ways to hack instagram.


1 – KidsGuard

Although this application is really made to keep under control with whom your son or daughter is related, it can also be used to find out and spy on the conversations, stories and all activities with which the objective account of this application, you just have to install where you want to spy, that is the victim's smart device and then hide it.


  • Activity Tracking in Instagram
  • Access to the mailbox
  • Story Display

2 – Spyzie

This is a world-renowned application as it helps thousands of people spy on the social network of Instagram in a fairly simple and fast way, it is only enough to have access to the victim's phone for a few minutes to be able to configure it and be able to access all the data of the person in that case.


  • Track received and sent messages
  • GPS location
  • Hard to detect

3 – iKeyMonitor

This is another of the most used applications to get access to data, information and everything related to the social network account Instagram of the person you want. It is very simple to use since it is quite similar to others that we have already discussed previously in this mini article. This application has a keylogger that will allow you to obtain all the user account data received whenever you want and want.

Advantages of iKey:

  • Additional keylogger service
  • Allows access to the mailbox of Instagram of the receiver
  • Fully remote control

4 –TheOneSpy

This is another of the applications that are most used to gain access to the accounts of Instagram of his friends for various pranks. This application offers in a few words one of the easiest ways to get access to all the information behind the account of Instagram From your friend or your friend, you will be able to monitor and manage a lot of more than interesting information and we assure you that no one will realize that the application is working on the smart device of the person targeted by it.

Advantages of TheOneSpy:

  • Total control of the social network Instagram
  • Message Receiver Access
  • Reply and delete messages

5 – Instahack

Now we will talk about this service. Yes, you read that right. Instahack is not a downloadable application or program that we can access to the phone number of the victim of our hacking attempt or attempt to spy on their private conversations. Instagram. It is considered by many people as one of the best platforms to spy on your friends without them noticing


  • Extremely easy process
  • Simple to use
  • Total Access

6 – TheTruthSpy

This is one of the best spy apps to get direct access to the social networks of Instagram from your friends and know what they are talking about or what they plan without telling you. With this application you will have access to many functions of the social network without the people who own them even realize that you are in their personal accounts.


  • Easy installation
  • Hard to discover

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