These are the best car FM Bluetooth transmitters

by Kelvin
These are the best car FM Bluetooth transmitters

Nowadays, we all have services like Spotify or Deezer on our smartphone, where we select our favorite songs to listen to when we need them.

Best Car Bluetooth FM Transmitters

The problem arises when the radio our car does not accept that everything that sounds in our mobile phone will be heard, must be heard through the speakers. The most normal thing is that if you do not have this system, you do not have a USB device or card reader, so we also cannot record music using these two elements.


Although our radio had a USB, the convenience provided by music streaming platforms much better than if we were the ones who change the songs that we store in external memory from time to time.

We solve all this by purchasing an FM transmitter, since it is very easy to use and in most cases does not require any installation.

How does the FM transmitter work?

What these types of devices do is broadcast, well, what sounds from our smartphone, to USB or to a memory stick, through the dial of the FM radio

This channel can be selected by us and it is always recommended to use the one that is not occupied by any radio station to avoid interference.

Once we have selected it, we just need to tune our radio to the same dial as the FM transmitter. By doing this, everything playing in the transmitter will be heard through the speakers our car. As simple as that.

To connect our smartphone to the transmitter, we must make sure that both devices are compatible with Bluetooth A2DP A system that is extremely common today, but was abnormal in cars a few years ago.

Once we have synchronized our mobile phone with the transmitter via bluetooth and dialed the correct dialing, everything that sounds through a smartphone will be heard through the speakers of our car.

Almost all FM transmitters on the market have at least one USB port that we can use to charge a mobile phone or to install an external storage device with songs and be able to listen to them.

It’s the same with card readers (usually micro SD), since many transmitters are compatible with this system.

Let’s see some FM transmitters

Now we’re going to leave you with a few FM transmitters that can serve us great in order to be able to stream all the music we like the most in the car.


FM TechRise transmitter

It is an interesting transmitter as it consists of two USB type A and one USB type C with which we can combine information or charge up to three mobile devices at the same time.

It can connect to our mobile phone via Bluetooth , in addition to free hands system and voice navigation


Transmisor FM DailyBuy

In this case, we have 2 USB A and USB and also hands-free system and support TF cards up to 64GB.

Apart from the Bluetooth connection, it is also Siri compatible , Apple is a virtual assistant.


FM Sonru transmitter

FM transmitter with Bluetooth 5.0, hands-free system and two USB 3.0 ports, one of which is compatible with Quick Charge System

It is also compatible with both Siri and Google Assistant , virtual assistants from Apple and google.

VicTsing QWE-FM

VicTsing QWE-FM FM transmitter

It is now one of the smallest on the market, but still two USB ports with Quick Charge 3.0 system

It connects via bluetooth and free hands so you can talk in the apartment without letting go of the steering wheel.


FM transmitter Aigoss

In this case, we have 1.44 inch TFT screen where the dial points us, in addition to some other information. It has card support besides two USB A.

It connects via Bluetooth A2DP, of course, and we also have a hands-free system.

VicTsing VT

FM VicTsing VT transducer

We have 1.44 inch TFT screen with USB A to help us charge a mobile phone to give you an example.

It connects via Bluetooth A2DP and has a hands-free system, as well as a volume control and a change of music tracks.

Sonru FT1007

FM transmitter Sonru FT1007

It connects to our smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0 , it has a speakerphone for answering calls, and the USB Type A port is compatible with Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging system.

On top of that, we have TF card reader and 3.5mm auxiliary output


FM transmitter ClydeK

This FM transmitter has extra large 1.8-inch screen and even a remote control to control it.

We have two USB type A, card reader, Bluetooth A2DP and a speakerphone system.

Unbreakable cable UBCH174

FM transmitter Uunbreakcable UBCH174

The method of connecting to a smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0, and there is also two USB Type A ports and one USB Type C port.

As usual, it also includes a speakerphone and USB compatible Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging systems.

Lencent T25

FM transmitter Lencent T25

This is possibly the most original FM transmitter of them all, as it LEDs 7 distributed throughout the device, interact with sound, with 7 modes of operation.

In addition, he has Bluetooth 5.0, hands-free , 2 USB Type A ports and one USB Type C port.