These are the best travel backpacks for laptops

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These are the best travel backpacks for laptops

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA, for its acronym in English) began allowing from 2008 that certain backpacks or bags for laptops could go through the X-ray test without having to empty its contents. The idea is to help speed up the security process and protect your computer. As a result, we now have a large number of briefcases, backpacks and laptop bags designed to quickly pass security controls, regardless of the devices inside. We have selected the best travel backpacks for laptops that you can buy today.

You just have to keep in mind that, despite the approval of these backpacks by the TSA, the agency does not support any specific brand, nor is it obliged to recognize them during security checks, so they may also ask you to take out the laptop and put it on a separate tray.




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There is a good reason why travelers love turtle backpacks. They are well constructed with very durable and resistant fabrics and are designed to fit comfortably. The new Setout series that we have been using for almost all of our trips in recent times, has become our favorite.

The Setout backpack can not only store your laptop, but also offers plenty of space for clothes. In fact, it meets the size requirements of hand luggage, but can be adapted to one week's clothing if necessary.

There are also plenty of additional accessory pockets, and the hip belt helps distribute the weight evenly when the backpack is fully loaded or full (it also has a compartment for things you need to access often, such as a phone or passport). From the inner padding to the zippers, the Setout model feels incredibly strong. In addition, for short trips, the Setout backpack also comes in a smaller size for $ 179.


backpacks travel laptops hynes eagle 38l backpack 2 720x720

This polyester backpack is one of the best options for short flights we have seen, with pockets and straps for everything you need, whether you make a professional trip with all your electronic devices or join your friends for an excursion fast It has an upper handle, a side handle and adjustable shoulder straps, no matter how you hold it, along with two sets of compression straps to secure all your items, and, of course, is designed to fit in the upper compartments of the plane without any problem. The part for the laptop is in the front organizer and is suitable for 15-inch and extra-thin 17-inch laptop models.


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The Ozone Duplex backpack is really like a two by one. On the one hand, it has padded storage for a laptop and tablet, as well as other essentials. The cargo bag, which is secured at the top of the backpack, has room for clothes and other equipment. The idea is that when you arrive at your destination, you can separate and leave the cargo bag in your accommodation, while the backpack works like a normal backpack. The cargo bag also has a separate shoulder strap. However, the Osprey Ozone model is gender specific: there are two versions, one for men (Duplex 65) and one for women (Duplex 60). If you tend to carry two bags anyway, the Ozone Duplex is a very good solution.

Everki Titan

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This backpack is capable of housing an 18.4-inch laptop, which makes it ideal for anyone for those people who have gaming computers and travel frequently. In addition, the Titan features several large compartments, which are lined with felt, to protect any delicate items, such as your phone's screen.


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If you want to take with you only the essentials, technologically speaking, or if you need a second backpack or smaller bag to accompany a bag or handbag, we recommend that you use this Timbuk2 model. It has space for a 13-inch laptop, some accessories and a change of clothes. The bag and straps are also made of strong materials. As the name implies, it is designed for festival fans. As such, the laptop pocket can be used for a hydration bag, and it comes with a rain cover that serves a dual function: keep your backpack dry and can be used as a blanket.


backpacks travel laptops swiss gear sa9998 720x720

It is an ideal option for backpackers and also keeps the laptop safe. This Swiss Gear model includes a padded case for a laptop up to 15 inches in size. It also includes space for almost everything else, including office supplies, water bottles, linen changes, toiletries, etc. Padded shoulder straps offer comfort and the nylon surface prepares the backpack for tougher conditions, if necessary.


These are the best travel backpacks for laptops 11

This backpack is simple, affordable and ideal for rainy cities. It can fit laptops less than 17 inches and comes with a built-in USB charging port. It also has more than 10 compartments for tablets, phones, chargers, folders, clothes, water bottles and anything else you may need. As if that were not enough, it has a very sober design, which adapts to any event.


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Since the TSA does not require (in theory, and depending on the mood of the shift staff) that you remove a laptop if it is in a case, you can use the Taipan Superslim 15, as long as it is only a laptop that is inside. But this bag has an ingenious trick: the bottom of the case can be expanded to accommodate additional elements there. We are fans of Booq camera cases for their quality and design, and the Taipan Superslim 15 has a similar structure, such as triple-woven and water-resistant polyester. Like the Booq camera case, the laptop case has the Terralinq ID, a unique serial number that could help you recover it.


Lodis Audrey Brera RFID briefcase with laptop compartment

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If you are not only worried about having your laptop protected, but also not losing your style, then the Lodis AuDrey Brera is definitely an ideal option for you. This leather bag comes with a padded compartment for your laptop, five easy-to-reach card slots and many additional phone pockets, notebooks, cosmetics and you should have items you need to have on hand.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that card pockets and other devices come with RFID protection to stop unauthorized couples. The shoulder strap is removable, so you can use it as you wish. It is available in several colors, including red and toffee.


These are the best travel backpacks for laptops 14

With the same design features and the iconic logo of laptops and gaming desktops, this Alienware Vindicator can accommodate your 18-inch Alienware laptop, although – fortunately – other sizes are also available. Manufactured by Mobile Edge, this bag has a compartment suitable for the control point, as well as enough space to put your gaming accessories and other equipment there. Perfect for that traveler that goes to the E3, PAX, Comic-Con or any game convention. Mobile Edge also makes a lot of bags suitable for checkpoints (called ScanFast) for different users, not just for players.


Brenthaven Collins Sleeve Plus

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This bag is quite sturdy and practical. It comes with a closure, handles and high density foam pads for much greater protection. While Collins is specifically designed for the Surface Pro 4 and even includes the perfect storage for the Surface Pen and Surface Mouse, it is quite compatible with other tablets.


17.3-inch Pro Checkfast only

These are the best travel backpacks for laptops 15

The Solo Pro Checkfast can not only safeguard large-scale laptops, but also has a simple folding design, which allows TSA agents to check everything quickly. In addition, it is a very solid business travel bag with padded compartments, many organizational options, an adjustable shoulder strap and a set of straps that you can use to attach the bag to larger bags when necessary.


These are the best travel backpacks for laptops 16

With a discreet elegance for the business traveler, the Tumi Alpha 2 model opens and folds to pass through the scanners of the control points. A separate compartment has dividers to keep your files organized, with enough space to put an iPad or other accessories there. Inside, there is a zip pocket that Tumi calls Tumi ID Lock; It is made with a special material that blocks RFID signals, keeping things like credit cards and passports secure against wireless identity theft (although the actual risk is debatable). An overture on the back allows you to slide the case on the handlebars of your luggage with wheels. The Alpha 2 is made with Tumi FXT ballistic nylon, resistant but very soft. A backpack type version is also available.


* Article updated on May 31, 2019 by Estefania Oliver.

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