These are the games to take advantage of the ASUS ROG Phone II display

by Kelvin

ROG Phone II, the new one gaming-phone of ASUS, has a particular display that offers a high update frequency equal to 120 Hz and in this sense ASUS itself provides us with a rich one list of games to make the most of it.

The games in question, once installed, will be automatically added to the app Armory Crate natively integrated in the ROG Phone II software. The games mentioned by ASUS, which we reported at the end of the article, promise a level of frame per second over 60 but it is not assured that it is constantly kept at 120. This depends on the level of computational load that the game itself will require on the device.


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Clearly through the Armory Crate app it will also be necessary manage manually the game parameters to have a gaming experience optimized at most.

Via: XDA

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