These are the gifts you can take when booking Gears 5

by Kelvin
These are the gifts you can take when booking Gears 5

Less is missing. It's something that almost all Xbox users are waiting for in candles. This is the launch of Gears 5, fifth numbered installment of the Microsoft saga that will arrive on September, 10th to close several plots in its story mode, and give us hundreds of hours in its multiplayer and cooperative modes.

Although many Xbox One and PC players will take advantage of the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription to play 'free' and in advance from September 6, there are many others who prefer to have the physical copy of the game.


Different shirts and aspects of Lancer for Gears 5

If you are interested in having your game in physical format, know that several stores are offering merchandising provided by Microsoft, to encourage booking campaign. It is mainly an official shirt and a Lancer look for the game. Units are limited and may be different depending on each store:


Both next to the standard edition and the Ultimate edition, the most popular video game chain in the country offers a T-shirt with the Gears 5 logo and the classic crimson omen, along with the Lancer ‘Marcus Tatoo’ look in gold color.


The Barcelona online store and the German multinational also offer a T-shirt and a DLC, although somewhat different: the reason for the Lancer is dedicated to the memory of Anthony Carmine. The shirt for its part, includes the Gears 5 logo on the chest and a print with the protagonists on the back.

Gears 5 Xtralife


The global e-commerce giant, little used to offering bulky gifts, only presents with a DLC that looks like Lancer ‘NCOG Marine’ with the crimson omen. Even so, many of its Prime users will prefer to sacrifice the shirt for the benefit of their service.

Gears 5 Amazon

At the moment, these are the Spanish stores that offer gifts along with the Gears 5 reserve. We miss some usual ones such as El Corte Inglés or FNAC, so we encourage you to check the reservation sheets of these stores, in case you might be interested plus one or the other.

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