A new season arrives at Clash Royale, and with it a whole stream of novelties. From a new and useful function of automatic unlocking of chests, to prizes of the most interesting for those who pay the Pass Royale. Here we will review all these news to make it clear to you what do you face in the next few days when you open the Supercell game.


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Pass Royale Season 3 Awards

Those players who join the Royale Pass to cover prizes they will have exclusive gifts for this third season. It is no surprise that the theme of this stage is the legends, and some images have already been seen. Well, Supercell wants your towers to look good for the occasion. Therefore, one of the exclusive gifts is the new design of towers that match the theme of season 3 of Clash Royale. Get ready to see towers that look like real metal battleships. Without neglecting the aesthetic lines and the style offered by the water dispenser it incorporates.

There is also a exclusive reaction starring the princess, available only to those who purchase this Pass Royale. The good thing is that, once you get it, you'll stay with him forever. But it can only be achieved during this season.

But there are other awards, of course. Those who play with Pass Royale will have at their disposal 35 reward brands for unlocking. Some of them:

  • Reaction and appearance for exclusive towers
  • 40,000 gold
  • 6 lightning chests of the Pass Royale
  • 3 special lightning chests of the Pass Royale (contain special cards)
  • 4 epic lightning chests of the Pass Royale (contain epic cards)
  • 4 exchange cards
  • Up to 7 rays per chest
  • A legendary chest

Season 3

And, of course, other benefits more associated with the Pass Royale pass, such as unlimited tickets to special challenges, automatic unlocking of chests, lightning in Pass Royale chests and crowns chests to change your cards, and your Featured name in gold color So everyone knows who you are.

The return of the Legendary Arena and other legendary challenges

For this season we say goodbye to the theme of water and flood. The water goes away and the Legendary Arena returns. Was that how we remembered her? In any case it does not come back alone, it comes with a few legendary challenges of the most interesting.

As his own name says, the legendary challenges They are related to the legendary cards. With them we can get these, legendary chests or exchange tokens to get them. Without neglecting the gold coins and other rewards. These are the challenges that are already raised:

  • Legendary party
  • Miner's choice (includes a new reaction from the miner)
  • Bandit Ramming
  • Sudden death
  • Night Witch Challenge
  • Angry woodcutters

Changes in the trophy path and wars

Season 3 also brings news to the trophy road. This time it will no longer be chaired by El Pescador's letter, but there will be a legendary chest. In addition, the card elections have been eliminated.

Balance changes

There are also changes in clan wars. There are new classic 1c1 mallets, double elixir of choice 1c1 (without giant skeleton), triple elixir 1c1, of choice 2c2 and sudden death 2c2. Modes that will be available the day of collection in these wars to give dynamism to the game.

Balance changes

But beware, that season 3 of Clash Royale also comes with a good list of changes in the points of the cards. As always, they are based on community feedback and the use that players make of cards to balance them and that no one goes into oblivion. This is what they have varied:

  • Executioner: Your damage has been increased by 82%. Your life points have been reduced by 5%. Its range has been reduced (min. 4,5 – max. 6,5)> (min. 3 – max. 4,5) The attack speed has been reduced from 2,4 to 2,5 seconds. The ax returns faster (1.5 to 1 second)
  • Real Ghost: Area Damage Range: 0.8> 1
  • Dark Prince: Area Damage Range: 1.2> 1.1
  • P.E.K.K.A .: Scope: Long to medium range.
  • Force Cage: Force Elf Speed: Very High> High
  • Giant: The giant's melee range was displayed incorrectly, as if it were a long-distance attack. Now it does appear as melee, medium distance.

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