These Xiaomi headphones look like AirPods, although they are much cheaper: they only cost € 50


There are many wireless headphones on the market today, some of which are True Wireless, meaning without an external cable connecting them.

Among them, two models stand out: Apple AirPods, clear references in this sector, and Xiaomi Mi True Wireless, a low-cost competition that officially arrived in our country.


The latter is not alone they have very similar designs, but the benefit, saving distance, is a bit jealous. The best thing is that the Xiaomi Mi True Wireless (or Airdots Pro with its real name) sells for only 50 euros on AliExpress Plaza.

Xiaomi has officially sold middle-class wireless headphones in Spain. They have designs that are reminiscent of Airpods. AppleAlthough the price is only a small fraction, especially in some online stores.

This is the version of AliExpress that has a warehouse in Spain, so Delivery times are reduced to 3-5 days throughout the Spanish geography, a benefit that also increases when you look at the prices of some of its products.

The Xiaomi AirPods offer is very interesting, and they are officially sold in the West for just one month for € 79.99. We are talking about a 35% discount on the original price.

Buy Xiaomi Mi True Wireless at the lowest price available in Spain now

With Bluetooth 5.0, hold the spark and touch the control, It is a middle class headset that competes against you to fight against anyone. His voice was quite clear, although he clearly was not reaching the best quality headphones on the market, such as the Sony WF-1000XM3.

In many online stores they are still called by the name they have in China, Airdots Pro. That can cause confusion, but they are exactly the same model with different names.

One of these stores is Amazon Spain, which also sells it for € 59 as Airdots Pro.

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