They arrested Xiaomi by sending user data to China, Singapore and Russia

by Kelvin

Xiaomi is one of the manufacturers smartphones the largest in the world, who lives in fourth place according to data from last year. This means that the company has a lot of users, with about one 7, 52% marketing department. Xiaomi phones are affordable because of the high quality, and slowly take them to the top.

Unfortunately, it's not all bright: Recent reports have revealed that the company registering their users' personal data and storing it on different servers. This is not the first time mobile phone companies have been trapped in the area, but it's still sad. And frankly, scary.

Xiaomi records the user usage pattern and sends it to its server

According to the report, users have recently purchased Note Redmi 8 found that he did a lot is sent to a server hosted by Alibaba. And not only that, this server is hired by Xiaomi.


Browsing the Internet using Xiaomi's default browser causes it to sign up all the websites visited, including the text entered into the search engine no matter which one you use. This does not stop even when the user is in incognito mode. Also, whenever something is viewed in the Xiaomi software News function, it will also be tracked.

His phone was also recorded the files the user opens and the screen they open, including the status bar and settings. Inclusive Xiaomi music application collecting information. This means that the type of music you listen to is of interest to Xiaomi. Are you distracted?

Users also discuss how not only websites or searches are sent to servers, but also data from the phone itself; Unique numbers used to identify the device are also collected.

All of this data is stored and sent to remote servers located in such countries Singapore and Russia. However, the domain they host is located on Beijing, China.

For those who understand how the registration process works, here's a video of the phone registering searches made on your browser.

Use of Xiaomi phone log browser

In response to the original report, Xiaomi discussed how the allegations were "is wrong"And security and privacy are a priority for companies. This is far from providing a response that minimizes users' concerns. In a world where consumers are increasingly concerned about where or to whom their data is being sent, this is certainly a worrying situation.

What do you think about this? Will this affect your plans to own Xiaomi?

Source: WCCFTech