They capture a man who extorted women for sex

by Kelvin
extorsionaba a mujeres por sexo – Notitarde

extorted women for sex - NotitardeÁlvaro Javier Millán García, is at the order of the 21st Prosecutor of the Caracas Metropolitan Area. Photo: @prensacicpc

Notitarde.- They capture a man who extorted women for sex. Cicpc located it at Av. Universidad, in the vicinity of La Hoyada, Caracas.

Police authorities identified the offender as: Álvaro Javier Millán García, 36 years old.


It was known that the procedure was in charge of the Division Against Computer Crimes, after some complaints.

The investigations began, after Millán García published through social networks, intimate images of one of his victims.

Apparently, the man not getting the woman agreed to have rsexual relations with him, he uploaded the photos to the networks, affecting her.

After what happened, the victim reported the fact to the Cicpc, where officials initiated the respective investigations.

Subject extorted women for sex

Hours later, the investigations led them to University Avenue, specifically near the subway station La Hoyada.

At the scene, they located and arrested Millán García, who was transferred to the police headquarters.

Subsequently, detectives notified the case to the 21st Prosecutor of the Caracas Metropolitan Area.

It was learned that the criminal contacted women and cheatedly requested intimate photographs.

Once the images were obtained, he told them that if they had no sexual relations with him, he would publish the photos.

With that modus operandi, presumably, more than one woman agreed to the request of the offender.

The police, do not rule out that there are other victims of this offender, so they continue investigating.

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