They claim that Sony removed DriveClub from the PS Store ahead of time

by Kelvin
They claim that Sony removed DriveClub from the PS Store ahead of time

Through its official site, Sony announced long ago that Driveclub, popular racing title for PlayStation 4, would disappear from the PS Store very soon. The plans were for the game to be slipped from the store today, August 31. However, players claim that Sony withdrew it early.

According to a report of Eurogamer, several players criticized Sony for removing all the content related to the game since yesterday afternoon, that is, almost 24 hours before the date indicated.


The removed content includes Driveclub, DriveClub VR, DriveClub Bikes, as well as the entire DLC and season passes related to the title. Sony has not issued any statement in this regard, but it is expected that the topic will be discussed soon.

Several fans say they planned to buy the game or buy additional content before it disappeared. Of course, they got a big surprise when they saw that I was no longer in the store Driveclub and its complements.

“I thought the DLC / Season Pass of Driveclub He was going to retire later today, why did he retire so soon? I wish I had known that he would be removed so soon, ”wrote one of the affected players.

It should be mentioned that the affected players are mostly from Europe, specifically from the United Kingdom. Some of them were contacted by PlayStation UK, but the information provided by the company is unknown.

Another part of the community complained, but of the players who waited until the last moment to acquire the game or the content. The announcement about the exit of the game from the store was announced in March, so it was several months before his retirement.

We remind you that Driveclub It will continue to function normally until next year. The shutdown of its servers is planned for March 31, 2020. Once the indicated date arrives, all online modes will stop working. Driveclub It is available for PlayStation 4. Look for more details about it in this link.

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