They ensure that a virtual scam spreads through Google Calendar

by Kelvin
They ensure that a virtual scam spreads through Google Calendar

The application, which serves as a calendar on several devices, is targeted by hackers. What precautions can be taken to avoid that situation

A new phishing campaign – the computer mode to steal private data and bank keys through a malicious link – began to be distributed in Google Calendar, an official application that serves as a calendar and is widely used on mobile devices and the web platform.


Hackers take advantage of a default configuration of calendars, which automatically add any event and send a notification about it. Therefore, scammers preload the text of the event entry with a phishing link and a line of text that generates attraction for the user to click on the link.

As part of the virtual scam, cybercriminals aim to provide the user with private data. Sometimes, the forms induce the user to deliver credit card information or ask them to send a small amount of money to earn a much larger sum. The hook is generally a high-end phone, Clarín newspaper said.

From Google they say that this is not a vulnerability of the service, in fact, they are working to determine the origin of this malicious campaign and thus avoid future attacks. Meanwhile, as a preventive attitude, they invite users to verify their calendar settings.

In order not to fall into this trap, you must deactivate the default calendar settings. This management will prevent events or appointments included in the email messages that arrive in the Gmail inbox from being automatically added.added the morning.

Therefore, you must access the Google service (Google Calendar) and open the menu on the right, marked by a gear. Once there, in the "Settings" section, which is at the bottom of the options, you will have to select "Gmail Events" and, finally, the option "Disable" the different email addresses.

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