They filter image of the new iPad Pro that could have three cameras

by Kelvin
They filter image of the new iPad Pro that could have three cameras

Apple He has already presented his new generation of iPhone 11 which is basically: a three-chamber monster. But now, rumors that next October the Cupertino are planning to carry out another show to present a new 16-inch MacBook and an iPad Pro with three cameras have been strengthened with the filtration of a new image.

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The new iPad Pro has been talking about since the site Makotara revealed in August that Apple would equip your new tablet with the same “trinocular camera” as the iPhone 11. And, although we can not assure anything, after seeing the new filtered image of the iPad Pro on the page Sonny dickson, known for its previous revelations as the first iPad Air, everything could happen.

"We have obtained a final design mock-up of the next iPad Pro hardware from Apple from a source that has been repeatedly reliable on the hardware of the previous iPad, ”says the publication explaining“ that shows the new camera hardware of Apple as presented in the iPhone 11 Pro adorning its next updated line of iPads. ”

This would be the new iPad Pro:

(Photo: Sonny Dickson)

Since the iPad is not famous for its photographic quality, it would certainly be a huge novelty. It would become the first tablet of Apple with more than one rear camera that in theory, for example, would allow you to take pictures in portrait mode and even add other features such as Deep Fusion or optical zoom. In accordance with Applesphere, this would be another example of the insistence – or folly – of Apple for proving that their Pro devices need Pro features. Although, on the other hand, Sonny Dickson points out that this design “is a nod or to the intention of Apple of offering professional iPad users a device where you can comfortably record and edit 4K quality videos from a single device".

For now, Apple introduced its economical 10.2-inch recycled aluminum iPad. We wait to see what happens next month.

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