They filter the sale date of the iPhone 11. When can it be purchased?

by Kelvin



We are many at this point we are waiting for the official announcement of Apple with the iPhone 11 submission date But, as of today, we still don't have any official confirmation. However, by an oversight of the president of SoftBank, we will know when he has Apple He plans to sell his new iPhone of 2019.

Apparently, SoftBank President Ken Miyauchi could have revealed the iPhone 11 release date at an investor conference earlier this week, by accident of course. Soon the networks have echoed the statements of the manager, as they seem to coincide in time and space with the rumors about the date of purchase of the iPhone 11 that will take place coinciding with the arrival of autumn, that is, in just one month.

The origin of this leak is in the new Telecommunications Law of the Japanese government, prepared to enter into force on October 1. The new law will make mobile phone companies offer data separately from voice packages in Japan. This is not important, but the consultation that, during the conference of investors of the entity, made Atsushi Ishikawa to Miyauchi about the iPhone 11 launch and its possible damage due to the entry into force of the new law.

They filter the sale date of the iPhone 11. When can it be purchased? 2

Given this, the president of SoftBank revealed that the iPhone 11 will be sold 10 days before the entry into force of this law. Immediately, the executive backed down his statements stating that he shouldn't have said that. Since September has 30 days, this leaves us on September 20, as Fbuy iPhone 11 on an international level.

Price of the iPhone XR today, before the arrival of the iPhone 11

And the date of submission?

Fridays are key date for Apple, so it is not unreasonable to think that on Friday 20 the telephone would be put on sale, after a first period of reservations that would begin a week before, that is, on September 13. This leads us to think that earlier that week Apple will hold the iPhone 11 launch event, being the September 10 or September 11 the main dates in all pools.

It will be then when we can confirm all the new characteristics of the iPhone 11 as its triple camera system, larger batteries with reverse wireless charging and the new A13 chip from Apple to improve performance

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