They use drones to clean Polanco and prevent the spread of coronavirus

by Kelvin

Polanco, one of the most affected neighborhoods by the COVID-19 Coronavirus infection in Miguel Hidalgo city hall and one of the city's most populous corporate employment centers, has begun to cleaned through drones.

The drone, borrowed by a company whose name does not want to be disclosed by local authorities, has a capacity of 16 liters of cleaning fluid. They reported that the chemicals were sprayed under pressure and it covers 10 hectares in just three hours, time is estimated to be less than the human labor force.


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(The universal one)

In the first phase, the streets of Paseo de la Reforma, Campos Elíseos, Presidente Masaryk, Horacio, Homero, National Army, Miguel Cervantes, Calzada Legaria, Marina Nacional, Arquímedes / Chivatito and Moliere will be cleared. New areas to be covered by drones will be announced. The rest of the troupe will be cleared by two brigades of workers.

This process will end until the fence is removed by the federal government.

Early records show that infection with Covid-19 originated from high-value colonies such as Polanco, Lomas de Chapultepec, Bosques de las Lomas and Lomas de Chapultepec; Although the outbreak of coronavirus was halted in the frontier, it managed to reach poverty level.