Things to Consider When Buying a Portable Router

by Kelvin
Things to Consider When Buying a Portable Router

What should be a 4G router

As we say, it is important to always have Internet connection forces many users to look for alternatives. This forces them to purchase devices that allow them to have a network anywhere. An example is having a portable router.

Things to Consider When Buying a Portable Router

Now, as always happens, when we are going to find a command, we can find many options available. We can buy a device that has more advantages, different characteristics, is more flexible in our daily life and ultimately offers us a wide range of possibilities.



An interesting aspect when buying a portable router is that it two-lane As you know, modern equipment is capable of navigating in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. Each is best suited in certain circumstances. It can be roughly said that the former is better to connect from a considerable distance, while the latter offers the maximum speed.

Therefore, when purchasing a device of this type, we must pay attention to whether it is dual band or not. This way we will achieve the best results.

Network Compatibility

Of course, network compatibility is important. We’re curious that it can work in 3G, 4G, 4G + and even 5G if we look to the future. The more features the better. This will lead to better coverage, performance and, of course, speed.

Built-in battery

4G router may or may not have built-in battery That is, we may have to connect it to electricity (in doing so, we could say that it will no longer be called portable) or use its own autonomy.

It is interesting that it has a battery, and the autonomy is as long as possible. This way we can take it wherever we go without even knowing that there is an outlet nearby.

NETGEAR Nighthawk M2 MiFi 4G Frontal Del Router con los botones de acción

Consider theoretical maximum speed

Certainly, maximum speed maintaining this portable router will be very important. We already know that this is a factor that worries users and that we all want to navigate as best as possible.

There can be noticeable differences from one router to the next in terms of theoretical maximum speed. This is an aspect that we should be aware of before purchasing a device of this type and make the most of the resources.

Available ports

Of course, we want it to travel wirelessly. Now there are some devices that do not work if it is not Network cable We can buy a computer that has this capability, in addition to other ports, such as USB, that offer us more functions and capabilities.

Lightweight and compact

This is a laptop that we take with us wherever we go. This is how it should be lightweight and compact We may choose to carry it in a small bag or cover.

Keep in mind that there are 4G portable routers out there that are the same size as regular indoor ones, but other changes could be cell phone-sized or even smaller.

Devices connected at the same time

We may want to use the 4G router to only connect one device, but we may need to connect even more. Some may have a higher limit than others, so it is interesting to see how much Connected devices we can have in the same time

This can upset the balance when purchasing a particular device to navigate from anywhere.

Free and not operator

The last feature, vital for many users, is that it free and not operator friendly. This is usually the case, but we may also be faced with the possibility of purchasing equipment that only works with a specific company. This is a mistake and we must avoid it.

In short, here are some of the questions we should consider when purchasing a portable router.