Things to do to prevent your emails from falling into spam

by Kelvin
Cosas que debes hacer para evitar que tus emails caigan en spam

If you run a business through the internet or carry out an Email Marketing campaign for your company, you are probably worried that your emails are not received in the inbox and end up falling into the spam folder of your senders, increasing the probability that These are not read.

Why should you prevent your emails from arriving as spam? Simple, because Email Marketing is a direct channel for your sales, as well as, it is the best advertising strategy for companies or people with low budget.


Luckily there are some techniques, which we will talk about next, that will be very useful and that you can put into practice to prevent your emails from falling into spam.

Keep your database clean

You need to know about the existence of spamtraps, which are some resources that email servers use to analyze the health of your database. Therefore, you should keep in mind that any user who does not interact with their email for a period of 8 months, is considered as inactive and must be removed from your database.

If you carry out an Email Marketing to all your corrosives and include all those accounts that are inactive, the servers will conclude that the cleaning of your data base is limited or null, considering your email as a Spam. Therefore you must be very strict with your mailing list and keep it updated.

Use reliable Email Marketing services

You must ensure in case you hire a shipping tool for your business, which is reliable enough, so that the postal providers dedicate enough time to you and your shipments are not affected by their management. Mass shipments made by suppliers can share addresses IP, being greater the probability that your email falls in Spam.

Be careful with the subject of the Email

People will open your email depending on the attractiveness of the matter, so it is necessary that you take into consideration the following aspects:

  • Avoid using symbols and signs in the subject, as well as words considered as spam.
  • Do not write words in capital letters, or use exclamation marks excessively.
  • Try to make the matter short and direct.

Pay attention to the email body

In the same way as in the writing of the subject, you must keep in mind the same aspects in the body of the Email, taking into account the following:

  • Avoid as much as possible that the text looks commercial, so include typical phrases used in commercial writing, you should ignore them.
  • Discard excess images, use only those that you think are indispensable and do not abuse the size.
  • Use a font color other than the background and not large.

Taking these details into account, your emails will be less likely to end up in the spam tray. Remember that if you decrease the number of unopened emails, your reputation will improve, therefore, you will avoid falling into spam.

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