If you are a user of any LG smart appliance, be it a refrigerator, a washing machine or even an air conditioner, you will soon not have to navigate the LG Smart ThinQ application to manage all the operation of these devices. It will be enough for you to give a voice order so that everything starts up. And is that LG has decided to renew its application, which now happens to be called only ThinQ, to improve the ways in which the user can interact with it. All this taking advantage of the advantages of the intelligent assistant of Google.


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For now the application will remain as we know it see you next year. And is that the changes will come gradually in the coming months. First in Korea, then in the United States, and then in parts in Europe. When the new update arrives, we will not only find an application that works as the nerve center of all the WiFi-connected appliances that we have at home, but will facilitate the user's tasks and doubts just by asking loudly.

The key lies in the Google Assistant and his voice recognition ability. In addition, according to LG, it seems that it will be in charge of collecting users' requests to solve their doubts. And the idea is not only to be able to ask to start washing the LG smart washing machine with a simple voice command. This application can do much more for users. For example, you may be asked what the yellow light on the refrigerator means in order to receive an answer. As if it were an interactive instruction manual. All this using the voice, with a more natural interaction than a written search, and with more agility than browsing through different menus of the application.


Of course, the application also resolves doubts for the user about the status and operation of linked appliances. Ask for the time that the washing machine program has left or adjust the temperature of the air conditioner still present. And, again, they are issues that no longer only appear as buttons on ThinQ, but can be asked or asked loudly. Either from home, or miles away. So everything is as we expect when we get home.

For now, we will have to wait to have these features operating in Spain. We can see a preview of its operation at the next fair IFA of Berlin technology in early September, where the manufacturer will show the details.