third generation of glasses now has Augmented Reality

by Kelvin

New Snap's Spectacles 3 to be released in November with stylish design and extra depth camera

THE Snap company responsible for Snapchat, announced on Tuesday (13), which will launch Spectacles glasses, called Snap’s Spectacles 3, a redesigned version of your augmented reality glasses with a sleek new design and an additional HD camera to create depth perception,


The new glasses were introduced by the company as a limited release, but represent the latest efforts of the Snap in building a new computing platform focused on the faces of its users.

Its previous version, the Snap’s Spectacles 2, were functionally better than the first attempt, but did not have as many possibilities integrated into their systems. In addition, the models were not as elegant to be used in everyday life, and these points were taken into account with the announcement of the third generation of glasses.

Spectacles 3 includes dual HD cameras for capturing 3D scenes and introducing Snapchat effects. Spectacles 3 includes dual HD cameras for capturing 3D scenes and introducing Snapchat effects.

Social work has revealed that Snap’s Spectacles 3 include dual HD cameras to capture 3D scenes and introduce effects from the Snapchat augmented reality at times when previously were not possible with Spectacles 2.

The device lets you add 3D filters to your walk, take pseudo-3D photos of places and people, or add 3D Lens effects to a bike ride, for example. Although the glasses allow only one minute of continuous video to be recorded at a time, the device still has an improvement over previous versions.

The differential of the glasses is precisely the second camera, which allows the Spectacles capture depth for the first time. THE Snap has created a set of new 3D effects that take advantage of the device's new depth perception capability. They will be unique to the line. Spectacles and the company plans to allow developers to be able to develop depth effects for eyewear starting this year.

Unlike their previous versions, the Snap’s Spectacles 3 They have a larger style and can be considered as garment of its users. Its structure is completely made of steel and has circular lenses, focused on transmitting a less robust design, keeping a harmony in the face of the users. This is aided by a leather carrying case that can hold four ribs and fold them when not in use.

Pricing and Availability of Snap's Spectacles 3

Snap's Spectacles 3 focuses on technology and style.Snap's Spectacles 3 focuses on technology and style

The Snap’s Spectacles 3 will be available in two colors: “carbon” (black) and “mineral” (somewhere between beige and gold). They have a light steel frame, adjustable tips and tinted sun protection lenses, and will go on sale on this November for $ 380 (approximately $ 1,500 in direct conversion).

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