This Android app can only be a joke

by Kelvin
This Android app can only be a joke

Over 300 euros for an Android app? That can only be a joke right? Is not it. The currently free Android app is usually sold for 309.99 euros. We'll tell you what's behind it.

Android app for free: "Most Expensive Ball Game" for free for 309.99 euros

Update from 03.09.2019: The Android App "Most Expensive Ball Game" is back for free.


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While many Android users already have problems buying an app or a game for a few cents or euros, the developers of "Most Expensive Ball Game" demand a whopping 309.99 euros. But what do you get for so much money? After all, you could, for example, a Nintendo Switchto buy a new phone and many more great products. In fact, it is a fairly simple ball game. It is, as the name suggests, the "most expensive ball game" in the world Google Play Store, According to the information in the Play Store, the Android app is to be offered free of charge until September 7, 2019 – if the developers do not stop the campaign prematurely.

The most expensive ball game
This Android app can only be a joke 2

If you are currently downloading the Android App "Most Expensive Ball Game" for free, you can also download the game free of charge after the campaign has expired, as it will be linked to the Google Account.

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Most Expensive Ball Game: What is the good of the Android app?

The Android App "Most Expensive Ball Game" already has over 100,000 downloads and a rating of 3.2 stars in the Google Play Store reached. The rating is therefore so bad, because you get displayed despite the high price of 309.99 euros in the app advertising. The high price is therefore absolutely not justified. In the end, you want to collect reviews and downloads through the free action to create greater interest. The price must ultimately match the name of the game. Of course you can make fun of it and download the app for free, but do not expect too much. It's more of a gag than a really useful Android app.

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