This app makes mobile use easier for people with vision problems

by Kelvin
This app makes mobile use easier for people with vision problems

This app makes mobile use easier for people with vision problems 2

Most users take for granted the use of their mobile phone. It is an essential item, an object for day to day. But not everyone can enjoy it equally, since using the smartphone can be a real nightmare for those with serious vision problems that have a hard time knowing things as simple as how much battery the mobile has, what time it is, if there is a connection WiFi or answer a simple call.

A mobile app for those with vision problems

In order to solve this problem and to facilitate mobile technology to these users, a Spanish company has created the app Blind Launcher, a pioneer application in its field that follows the steps of other own apps that fAccelerate personalization and navigation through the interface of smartphones to the oldest and children. The app itself consists of a 'Launcher' or launcher, an app that opens other applications and launches them, helping us to customize and modify visible elements of the mobile.


For example, just by moving your finger across the screen after installing Blind Launcher will jump a voice assistant It provides all the information that the user needs to know. The shortcut creation It is one of its fundamental characteristics as a launcher, since it allows the user to create lists with the most common contacts or with the apps that he uses most so that he can move more easily through the terminal interface. But what has been taken care of in this application according to the company Primux is “that users can choose the type of contrasts they need and that the texts are large for easy reading".

Already on Google Play

Created ex-professed for people with serious vision problems, Blind Launcher has had in its development the constant feedback of a user who called the company because I couldn't find any app in the market to help you to manage the mobile based on its gradual loss of vision. The launcher, free to download and constantly improving, is now available for download and is compatible with most smartphones Android market.

Its creators point out that this app “eIt's one more step for everyone to have access to technology, without having to make large investments in specific devices and applications, since Primux Blind is a free application. This project is still open and constantly developing to meet the needs of people with significant vision problems. ”

Download Primux Blind

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