This ChatBot motivates you to stop drinking and keep track of your progress

by Kelvin
This ChatBot motivates you to stop drinking and keep track of your progress

Leaving aside that everyone is free to do what they want with their lives (as long as it doesn't bother anyone), the reality is that alcohol is a more dangerous drug than it seems.

If you are a person you are trying stop drinking alcohol and you are looking for a tool to keep a record and that motivates you, you may want to create an account in 'Zero Percent Club'.


"A bet with yourself"

As the name implies, this platform is a community designed for those who bet on 0% alcohol. Its creators say that thanks to it you can "keep track of your progress and stay motivated".

They claim it will be "free forever", and once we have created an account it will be necessary to connect our Telegram profile in order to start being part of this community.

In addition to keep track of every day we haven't drunkThey also allow us to register for challenges. For example, there is a challenge in which you "make a bet with yourself", committing not to drink in 100 days.

The challenge of not drinking alcohol in 100 days

To do this, we make a payment to the platform of 100 dollars, and only will be returned if we recognize that we have not drunk during all this time. Obviously, Zero Percent Club won't know if you're lying, but after all you would be fooling yourself.


You can talk to other people who have decided to sign up for this challenge, to chat about the whole process. Further, they will give us "three lives" (as in a video game), in case in those 100 days we have decided to drink on occasion.

At all times we can consult a calendar showing us what days we have not drunk (green color) and those in which we have broken our commitment (red color). They will also indicate the streak of days without drinking that we have.

Window And Zero Percent Alcohol Tracking Chatbot 100 Day No Drinking Challenge Product Hunt

The developers behind this project ensure that this is just the beginning, and that in the near future they hope to add more challenges and functionalities. At the moment it is a simple tool with which to establish a pact with oneself and see if we are able to fulfill it.

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