this concept imagines Dualshock 5 & # 039; Pro & # 039;

by Kelvin
this concept imagines Dualshock 5 & # 039; Pro & # 039; 1

The constant growth of multiplayer modalities, competitive games and electronic sports has resulted in more and more options. professional manager. MicrosoftFor example, you've had an Xbox Elite controller since 2015 and it's become one of the best controls right now. Sony, meanwhile, would prefer to stay separate from that market., despite the fact that there are many PlayStation players waiting for the 'Pro' control of the Japanese brand.

While Sony recently released an accessory, the back button accessory, which adds additional buttons to the Dualshock 4, the proposal is still not enough for certain gamers. Of course, the existence of these accessories shows that, with PlayStation 5 on the way the company will be interested in entering professional control. Of course, it's a matter of time before someone imagines what Dualshock 5 'Pro'.


Giuseppe Spinelli, an artist who has done Dualshock 5 rendering based on Sony's patent, has now created a professional variant of control. As you can see in the video, it integrates most of the features that players look for in this type of product. Additional trigger on the back, interchangeable stem, profile selector, long-lasting battery and housing, among others. [/ embed]

Additionally, Spinelli has taken advantage of several confirmed new control features, such as haptic machine which replaced the traditional vibration, which adjustable triggers for developers and ports USB-C. It is undoubtedly too attractive a representation, making it hard to believe that it ever comes true. Video production has nothing to do with the manufacturer's promotional products.

Will we see a professional Sony remote control? Only in December, the company registered another Dualshock patent whose main novelty was 4 additional buttons, 2 of them located behind and the other pair in the lower area; This can be configured according to the needs of the player. You can not deny that those in Japan are interested in this type of control, and maybe it all depends on receiving the Back Attachment Button.

this concept imagines Dualshock 5 'Pro' 3

this concept imagines Dualshock 5 'Pro' 4

this concept imagines Dualshock 5 'Pro' 5

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