This could be the first Motorola smartphone with a pop-up camera, and it's better than expected (photo)

by Kelvin

We had already talked about a Motorola smartphone without a notch, but the photo published referred to a render. Today, thanks to XDA, we are able to see the smartphone in real photos, being able to draw some conclusions on the final design of the front part.

First of all, looking at the shared photos (found in the gallery) we can draw a little breath of relief: the chin is definitely smaller than that previously assumed. Of course, it could still contain the Motorola logo, but from the photos it certainly seems more content.


XDA then reports other details of the smartphone: the display is completely flat, at the top we find an earpiece, the interface is the “personalized” one from Motorola (therefore no Android One program) and, obviously, we find the pop-up camera in “Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro style ".

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Ah, last little detail: analyzing the camera, it looks like that the cover will have a red color. Unfortunately we have no details regarding the name or specifications of the device. We will still have to wait.

Source: XDA Developers