This device to analyze your sleep is to put under the pillow

by Kelvin
This device to analyze your sleep is to put under the pillow

No need for a watch or a connected bracelet to analyze your sleep, Withings launches the Sleep Analyzer which slides under the mattress and can detect sleep apnea.

Until today, sleep analysis and monitoring outside of a sleep laboratory was only done using a smartwatch or a connected bracelet. Withings, French manufacturer of connected objects specialized in e-health, has the ambition to change this with its new Sleep analyzer. The latter is a padded plate to slide under the mattress of the user’s bed. This analyzes his heart rate, the intensity of snoring, sleep cycles and can even detect any sleep apnea. As Withings explains in a press release, the Sleep Analyzer consists of a “Pneumatic sensor to measure the movements of the rib cage” and a “Low frequency sensor (which) makes it possible to analyze snoring and thus determine if there is presence of sleep apnea.”

The Sleep Analyzer can therefore be used for people suspected of having sleep apnea as well as for confirmed cases. This connected sensor is thus dedicated to completing the medical monitoring of a patient, for example, already equipped with a mask connected to a so-called positive pressure machine which compensates for the lack of oxygenation caused by the apneas. This mask and the noise of the machine in question are very restrictive and can sometimes be perceived as useless. Withings intends to encourage patients to continue this treatment by providing reassuring results via the Health Mate app, connected with the Sleep Analyzer. It is currently sold at a price of around 130 euros. In parallel, Withings has developed a form to urge people who suspect sleep apnea to seek a doctor’s diagnosis for sleep apnea. As Withings recalls, “This syndrome affects more than 3 million French people, 85% of whom are unaware that they are suffering from it.” It can also lead to numerous cardiovascular complications such as strokes.


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