This fake mobile will take away your mobile addiction … for 200 euros

by Kelvin
This fake mobile will take away your mobile addiction ... for 200 euros

This fake mobile will take away your mobile addiction ... for 200 euros 3

Born from one of the most successful popular financing projects in the history of the Kickstarter website, the Fidget Cube it seems an absolute bullshit the first time that you have it in your hand and find out what it is for, but Its push button formula has behind a study on human behavior in situations of tension.

As a multi-sided die, the Fidget Cube has buttons that make noise, other silent ones, a dial and a ball to rotate, surfaces to scrub the finger that generate an immediate sensation of placidity, a switch that clicks and Up to a mini stick type PSP. And if you still ask what it is for, it is the ideal substitute for not clicking your pen, biting your nails or pulling your hair in boring conferences or stressful moments of meetings or presentations.


Substitute Phones

Itself is about recreate what certainly creates a stimulation in the subject, how to compulsively press the button of a pen or the click of the computer mouse. And that same principle is the one Designer Klemens Schillinger has applied to create his Substitute Phone, a kind of housing that mimics the design of the smartphones current tactile and implements a series of small stone balls forming different patterns to create what we could call as a ‘therapeutic mobile’, designed to help those who compulsively look at their phone.

And, beyond checking the mobile from time to time to see if we have messages, notifications or pending emails, there are those who have become so addicted that even fiddle with him imitating gestures even if he doesn't have notifications or wait for calls. He uses it the same as someone who clicks a pen or presses the mouse button: because he likes it, he needs that stimulation and especially in times of stress.

This inspired designer Schillinger to create Five facsimile terminals made of black plastic with stone balls placed on its surface forming horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines. The reason? To replicate the movement we usually do with the finger.

Help with withdrawal

The same principle of avoid abstinence behind the Fidget Cube is the one that this designer has applied to create their Replace Phones, that allow recreating actions such as:

  • Move the screen from top to bottom (scrolling)
  • Enlarge an image
  • Choose between open applications
  • Slide from side to side

All typical actions that we do with the mobile and that can certainly avoid this behavior of constantly checking the smartphone even when we know that we do not have to do it.

This fake mobile will take away your mobile addiction ... for 200 euros 4

In this way, by making those gestures that create stimulation, you constantly avoid looking at the real mobile, and over time it will help to reduce the habit of everyone who compulsively looks at the mobile for the pleasure it generates avoiding this behavior. Created as a project for an exhibition that was held in Vienna in 2017, the viral success generated by his proposal encouraged its creator to market the product.

Although yes, it is not cheap, since any of the 4 models currently for sale it costs you nothing less than 195 euros, a somewhat high price without a doubt and that mimics what a mid-range Xiaomi or Huawei would be worth.

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