This is a new pet hair scissor that Xiaomi released for …

by Kelvin
This is a new pet hair scissor that Xiaomi released for ... 1

Xiaomi continues to launch new products on the Youwind corwdfunding platform. In this case, new hair clippers for our dogs or cats, especially those marked with it. fine pieces , protecting the most sensitive baked area of ​​our pets.

New hair scissors that arrived under the brand Pawbby, it has a fairly minimalist design ABS plastic very hard against bumps and scratches, it also only has weight 93 grams and dimensions that do not exceed 160x30x28mm. The maximum power is 3W and works through use. four AA batteries.


Its main attraction is inside. circular cutting knife. This avoids cutting, pulling the hair and, most importantly, minimizing the irritation of our pet's skin. Also, the slats are produced in ceramic material Y stainless steel, guaranteeing in addition to high hardness, high resistance to wear for years.

The main objective of this new hairdressing scissors is access the most delicate areas of our petas well as the area around the eyes, ears, legs and tail. All this guarantees a wound without producing any type of damage or irritation to the skin.

his the noise level is quite lowIn this way we ensure that our pets are not scared when it comes to cutting small hairs that are arranged in the most sensitive areas. Ideal cutter for keep our cats or dogs as clean as possible, thus avoiding the accumulation of dirt or bacteria in this area.

Price and availability.

These new pet hair scissors are already sold in China. Similarly, you can now make purchases on AliExpress through this link. The price is almost not14 euroa few $ $ 15 to change

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