This is a new smart watch


A few days ago we already told you about the Huawei Watch GT2, a watch that leaked in the image and we hope to see it be served with the Huawei Mate 30. Yes, it is smooth and the Huawei Watch GT2 is official. An update of this brand smart watch This is aesthetic and its characteristics.. We already know all the details and bring them all outlined in this article, so you will appreciate whether this latest Huawei smartwatch is doable or not.

Huawei Mate 30 is a very complete cell phone and has amazing features One of the best friends they can have is the Huawei Watch GT2, the first watch from the company that has the Kirin A1 processor, the same that we have seen in Huawei FreeBuds 3 during the IFA in Berlin and what appeared to be before and after the separation of the brand.


Huawei Watch GT2: design sounds like something

Let's talk about the design of this Huawei Watch GT2. The images are filtered according to the hours presented and will be available in two sizes: 46 and 42 millimeters. This is not something that all brands do, but it helps reach a broader audience by being designed for big and small dolls. The design in both cases is identical– The chassis is metallic, thin enough to be a type of watch, and on watch faces we only see glass.

This is a design that reminds us of Samsung Galaxy Active and active watch 2. 3D round glass with curved edges to make it more comfortable to wear. The frame around the screen looks pretty contained, but they are somewhat superior to their rivals and Samsung's twin brothers. On the right side of the clock, we have two buttons with a very elegant finishing touch. They look perfect and remind people of traditional watches.

Inside the Huawei 2 watch we discovered that the Kirin A1 processor, which the brand has informed us, improves the performance of the watch and reduces its consumption. Thanks to that we can have batteries up to 2 full weeks with the 46 mm model with the call alert activated and the heart rate sensor permanently connected. In the case of 42 mm, the autonomy was reduced to one week, which is still well above other watches such as Apple Watch.

If you want to use Continuous GPS measurement, Watch GT2 46mm will give us 30 hours of use, while 42mm, 15 an hour But let's be honest, who needs so many hours of continuous GPS measurement? If we use our watches regularly, both to measure exercise, to call or listen to music, autonomy will be cut in half.

Yes, we have said phone calls and music playback and this Huawei Watch GT2 accepts both functions. We assume that we can connect the Bluetooth headphones directly to the watch so we can remove our smartphone from the equation. According to Huawei, the Huawei Watch GT2 has storage for around 500 songs.

This is a new smart watch 2

On the screen, the brand only gave us a data terminal with 46-millimeter balls, which would have a diameter 1.39 inches, with AMOLED panels and a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels, so the definition will be much higher than that of other competing watches that do not reach the pixel density, which in this case is almost 400 dpi, similar to a phone with FullHD + resolution and approximately 6.3 inches

It's not just stylish, it's made for sports

The design of the Huawei Watch GT2 is undoubtedly interesting, since it combines with almost all styles of dress, both elegant and sporty. Speaking of sports, the Huawei Watch GT2 has possibilities Recognize and measure 15 different sports 8 of them outside and 7 other inside. These sports are as follows: running, walking, climbing, mountain running, cycling, swimming in open water, triathlons. As for those in the room: walking, running, biking, swimming in the pool, free training, elliptical machines, and rowing.

Along with this comprehensive exercise measurement, Huawei Watch GT2 will also analyze our heart rate to prevent or warn of any problems. Beyond the time of our physical activity, if our pulse rises above 100 beats per minute or falls below 50 for more than 10 minutes, we will receive a notification to know that something is not working well.

Price and availability.

Huawei Watch GT2 will launch next month at the following prices:

  • Huawei Watch GT2 46mm: 249 euros
  • Huawei Watch GT2 46mm: 229 euros