Rush Wars is the new Supercell game that is not yet available globally. In fact, if you want to try it, you will have to install the game using a VPN. Here we explain how to have Rush Wars on your Android or iPhone right now. The new game is a combination of all the Supercell jewels that you might like very much when you hit the market. And now it's about to release a new update With many changes in the game.


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The Rush Wars update releases a lot of changes

Get ready because the list of changes is very large, being a game that is still available in beta format It will undergo great advances towards the final title. Supercell has always been characterized by polishing its games to the fullest before its official release. In fact, it is usual for years to be thrown into the test phase.

Rush Wars launches a new system of attack and defense cards

For what the game feels a little more strategic and more varied (preventing it from becoming repetitive), the game will assign several randomly drawn cards from your collection to build the attack squad, and also when setting up your gold mine. That is, let's see a practical explanation to understand it:

  • When you go to attack, you will be assigned cards every 3 battle boxes you open.
  • When setting up your gold mine, you will also have to choose between the defense cards assigned to you.
  • You will be assigned only cards that you have unlocked, so unlocking them will be very important.

With this change, Rush Wars aims to make players much more strategic and learn new tactics to achieve 3-star victories.

Rush Wars has made changes to the gold system

From Supercell have realized that the amount of gold in the bases It was not always adequate, because sometimes there were bases where there was not enough gold and they were not interesting at all. With these new changes Supercell makes sure that the gold mine always has a good amount of gold so that, when attacking it, it is possible to get a slice and not to withdraw before attacking.

Rush Wars has made a very large balance change in some cards

To help balance the game, it won't be the only one, they have rearranged some cards to different levels of HQ and they have also added new HQ levels to the future. Here is an image that shows you all the changes. In addition to that now the HQ improvements will be much cheaper than before, as they were quite difficult to obtain at first.

Rush Wars Cards

Rush Wars releases 3 new maps

They have added 3 new maps of Megacities so you can enjoy them.

More Rush Wars changes (Adjustments or improvements)

  • We will see friends online in the friends list.
  • We will see the status added in the list of team members.
  • We will see the profile picture of Facebook If our friends are connected.
  • We will see the level of XP in the list of team members.
  • Changes in the amount of XP needed to level up.
  • The new cards will have an animation when you find them.

Balance changes in the new Rush Wars update

  • Lady Grenade: +0.5 attack range, + 40% damage per second, +0.5 damage area, + 1.5x damage multiplier with ability and -2 grenade ability.
  • Henchmen: -2 of the size of the squad and -1 in cost of Housing.
  • Tank (Tank): -25% health and + 40% damage per second.
  • Gorilla (Gorilla): + 8% health.

All the patches and fixes they have made in the game

  • Fixed walls that stopped in Slowmo mode.
  • Arrangement for the 250% increase with the walls.
  • Fixed a bug in Lady Grenade that caused damage from far away.
  • The old Commander levels shown on some screens were corrected.
  • Fixed battles that ended early with players with arcade, parachute or invisible airdrops.
  • Fix for the extra unit that is consumed when playing Domination.
  • The battle log sometimes did not show the correct units.
  • Missing texts or changes were added.
  • More corrections and minor improvements.

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